Sustainability strategy and communication

Sustainability issues are becoming increasingly important for attracting both customers and new employees. We can help you create comprehensive strategies for the organisation’s sustainability work and how you communicate it.

How DGE can help:

DGE offers practical and effective support during the process of developing a sustainability strategy that suits your business. We can guide you through the jungle of concepts, give you new energy and help you find practical solutions. A few of our methods:

  • Materiality analysis and stakeholder dialogue – what are your most important sustainability challenges?
  • Review of the organisation’s impact, risks and opportunities in relation to the Global Goals (Agenda 2030).
  • Analysis of sustainability risks in the supply chain based on social and environmental perspectives.
  • Systems that support a more sustainable business, with the right goals, key performance indicators and organisation. We prefer to work with the backcasting method to set the right goals.
  • Development of strategies for communicating and reporting sustainability efforts.
  • Support for business and product development, based on the UN’s sustainability goals, Agenda 2030 and the principles for a circular economy.
  • Life-cycle assessment of environmental impact in the entire value chain.

Our focus is always increased success through more intelligent use of resources and an improved brand that attracts both customers and employees. Getting there involves aspects such as intelligent business development, resource management and production methods, but also the consumer’s confidence in the brand.

What you should consider:

Today many businesses – even small and medium-sized enterprises – need to transform the way they communicate with their operating context and to make a transition in their traditional approach to working environment, quality and environmental issues. This shift is partly necessary to attract and retain the right employees and partly as a result of increasing legal requirements.

Sustainability issues need to be integrated into the organisation’s business and handled consistently from policy revisions to goals and action plans – and also to systematic governance with key performance indicators, audits and follow up of the work. There is an increasing audience for sustainability information, including customers and suppliers, employees and investors. It is therefore also very important to find the right balance in your communication in terms of both content and format.

Nan Kjellberg

Nan has 10 years’ experience of industrial sustainability processes – everything from measurement and follow-up to strategy and communication. She helps our customers to navigate through complex sustainability concepts in a straightforward way.