Corporate culture

At DGE, we chose as a company to stand out in our field from the very outset.

We have never focused on invoicing volume, but instead on actual turnover, which is unusual in the consultancy industry. Another thing that sets us apart is our focus on people – our colleagues, our customers and the world around us as it is affected by human activities, both today and in the future.

Nor do we strive to be biggest or most profitable. We want to be a competent, stable partner with a clear customer focus. We’re convinced that our customers value presence, expertise and flexibility.

Our organisation is designed to connect the staff together in a shared network that stimulates collaboration and participation.  Our culture is based on individual responsibility and strong employee empowerment.


Our vision is to make a difference for each other, for our customers and for our shared future.

To clarify what we mean and to facilitate our work, we have broken our vision down into the following ambitions within different focus areas, which express the company we want to be:

Our services

  • Reliable performance – We will keep our promises and will execute and deliver our assignments securely, with high levels of expertise, effective methods and good delivery performance.
  • Genuine commitment – We want our care, flexibility, availability and creativity to create a positive feeling that makes customers want more. We want to dedicate ourselves to the customer in every assignment, support them in their challenges and achieve a good balance between personal and professional interactions. We do our best to deliver above expectations.
  • Customer value – At DGE, we want to create value for our customers by using our entire company’s expertise to see their long-term needs and to help build up their competence for long-term success. We want to be a responsive, stimulating and patient partner that seeks out new solutions and dares to question when short-term thinking gets in the way of progress. Our communication is sincere, clear and instructive, helping to simplify the process and build capacity.
  • Benefit for the world around us – We want our advice to have a positive impact on people and the planet, both now and in the future. To do this, we need to keep ourselves up-to-date and offer the services required for us to make the difference, from long-term visions to practical issues that must be resolved here and now.

Our business

  • Profitability for freedom – We choose our customers and pricing, design and deliver assignments to create the profitability required to keep stakeholders satisfied and to create opportunities for development, with a single ambition for every area of expertise. We want to understand customer value and the market position and do our business in the right place. We want to do the fun, profitable assignments in our areas of service for our prioritised, loyal, long-term customers.
  • The self-evident choice – We want good relationships and high levels of mutual confidence to make us the first choice for our prioritised customers. We create good relationships through good business ethics and clear customer value in every assignment. We also want to be the self-evident choice as an employer for relevant talents.
  • A company in balance – We want to identify all relevant polarities (Profitability & Growth, Stability & Development, External & Internal, Future & Current, Team & Individual, Proactive & Reactive, Leadership & Employee Empowerment) and strive to keep these in balance. Examples could be having a good balance in terms of geography and size in our areas of expertise, and striving to achieve a good balance of staff with regard to age, gender, background, personality type etc.
  • Everyday environmental impact – We want to contribute to resolving environmental problems without creating new ones, and therefore we strive to reduce the environmental impact from our own activities.

Our people

  • A pleasant atmosphere – We want a workplace where we can relax, dare to be ourselves, give each other space and feedback, and where humility, generosity, respect and concern give every individual a sense of security.
  • Better together – We want a carefully composed team that works together effectively and safely. One that adds value by truly benefiting from our different individual skills and characteristics.
  • Development and drive – We want a culture that propagates new ideas and where we build on each other’s creativity, commitment and drive to develop our services and ways of working. And where our leaders support the company’s development using each individual’s personal needs and circumstances as a tool, and without creating passivity or stagnation.
  • Trust and responsibility – We want a workplace with strong employee empowerment where everyone is well informed about and responsive to their colleagues’ needs and where each of us takes joint responsibility for the success of the organisation. With this as a foundation, every employee has great freedom to adapt their work to their individual needs and circumstances.