Geotechnical investigations and risk assessments

Have you received an injunction imposing a geotechnical survey, has there been a leakage at your property or are you planning new activities and need to investigate the situation at a site?

How DGE can help:

We offer historical inventories and geotechnical surveys in the field where we take samples and document soil, water or facilities in order to detect any contamination. We carry out these activities in accordance with the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency’s MIFO (Method for Inventory of Contaminated Sites) system. Of course we also carry out geotechnical surveys in other contexts, such as for baseline reports, during property acquisitions or prior to construction projects.

What you should consider:

To assess whether or not an area is contaminated, we need as much information as possible about the area’s history. What activities have been carried out there and which substances have been handled? The information also helps us to design any sampling programmes correctly. The surveys are always adapted to your needs and the information you require.

Daniel Hellqvist

Daniel has more than 10 years’ experience as an environmental consultant, primarily in working with contaminated areas. He has extensive experience of both project management and fieldwork.