Accredited environmental measurements

Environmental inspections of air and water may be required for a number of reasons – everything from process optimisation to audits of conditions, self-inspection, emission mapping or inspection of treatment equipment.

How DGE can help:

DGE’s air and water laboratory is accredited for a large number of measurement and calculation methods, and we have an extensive and relevant instrument fleet. Our services include the following:

Air related services

  • Accredited emission measurements
  • VOC measurements
  • NOx charge verification according to NFS 2016:13
  • QAL2/AST calibrations according to SS-EN 14181
  • Measurements/inspections of large incineration plants according to SFS 2013:252
  • Measurements/inspections of waste incineration plants according to SFS 2013:253
  • Inspection of treatment plant function and efficiency
  • Measurements/inspections relating to the use of solvents according to SFS 2013:254

Water related services

  • Accredited sampling of wastewater and surface water
  • Inspection of receiving water systems
  • Inspection of treatment plant function and efficiency
  • Calculations for dimensioning of oil separators
  • Inspection of car washes and oil separators

What you should consider:

Start by establishing the purpose. What do you want from the measurements or inspections? What should they fulfil: conditions, investigation, inventory, measurement of the treatment plant’s efficiency?

Think about the design of measurement sites: the number of measurement points, size, space at the measurement site.

Henrik Nilsson

Henrik has more than 10 years’ experience of air and water issues, with regard to emissions to the air, process water and surface water.