Environmental, working environment, energy, quality and sustainability audits

Audits are a good tool for checking whether the business is fulfilling requirements and expectations according to ISO standards and laws, and can contribute to maintaining impetus in your improvement process.

How DGE can help:

Our specialist auditors have broad and deep knowledge of many different areas and industries. Regardless of whether you need an audit of quality, environment, working environment, energy or sustainability, we can help.

And our focus isn’t only on deviations – we also seek out opportunities for improvement and highlight areas deserving of praise.

An audit means we ask a lot of questions, but we also answer questions and share our experience. You can see us as a resource that’s temporarily available to you on site, and the audit as a tool to help maintain the impetus in your improvement process.

What you should consider:

Our auditors work either completely according to your procedures and tools or according to DGE’s own. Your needs and wishes are the decisive factor. Remember that a well-trained eye from outside can more easily see the things you have become blind to.

Mats Sigfridsson

Mats has more than 15 years’ experience of different types of audits and compliance inspections within areas including working environment, energy and sustainable supply chains. He helps our customers find areas for improvement and develop their ways of working.