Legal monitoring – environment and working environment

Every organisation needs to be aware of and comply with current legislation. Laws are added, repealed and revised, and interpreting what such changes mean for your own business can be a complex and time-consuming task. DGE is happy to help you with legal monitoring!

How DGE can help:

We get to know your organisation and operations and draw up a business-specific list of regulations that affect your organisation. To do this we use Lagmaskinen, our web-based tool in which you can work without getting stuck on questions of interpretation or wondering how the law affects you.

Your personalized list of regulations is normally updated with new laws and regulations twice a year. In the updating process we also draw up a memorandum that describes the major legal changes in more detail. In this memorandum, we also describe forthcoming changes within the area of the environment and working environment.

In addition to the above, we also offer customer-specific reviews of your operations based on your personalized list of regulations, and can be your discussion partner in legislative issues relating to the environment and working environment. If any of the legal changes require adaptations to your organisation, we are at your disposal for advice, process management and training.

What you should consider:

To effectively follow-up changes within the legislation it is necessary that there is a recipient for the information who has the time to deal with it and is sufficiently acquainted with the legislation and with your operations.

And don’t forget to evaluate the organisation’s legal compliance regularly. Lagmaskinen contains functions suitable for both internal and external audits.

You can log in to Lagmaskinen here:

Monika Walfisz

Monika has 20 years’ experience of working with environmental regulation. She also played a major role in the development of DGE’s digital legal monitoring system, Lagmaskinen.