DGE’s laboratory, Kemanalys

DGE’s laboratory, Kemanalys, carries out both accredited analyses according to customer inspection programmes and special analyses to answer specific questions. We offer high levels of service and can carry out analyses quickly in urgent cases.

Göteborgs Kemanalys is primarily a water laboratory and was founded in 1977. This gives the laboratory many years’ experience of analysing all types of water, but it also carries out analyses of solid materials and air.

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We can offer the following:

  • Routine analyses, with more than 80 accredited analysis parameters.
  • Screening analyses, for example to identify emissions.
  • An extensive instrument fleet for analyses adapted to your needs.
  • Lab tests of treatment techniques.
  • Product analyses.
  • Loading tests (IVL II separation test).
  • Compilation of results.

The laboratory is easily accessible from the main road in Kungsten, Gothenburg. Contact laboratory personnel to discuss analysis structure and evaluation.

What you should consider:

Start by thinking about the purpose. What you want from the analyses? Should they fulfil a condition, constitute an investigation or do you need a measurement of the treatment plant’s efficiency?


Christian Beijar

Christian has several years’ experience of analytical chemistry and analysis parameters. He is active within the quality accreditation process and has experience of developing customised methods for our customers’ unique needs.