Baseline reporting contaminated areas

Do you have an IED facility, or are you planning to change your operations and apply for a new permit? At DGE, we know all the legal requirements and will be happy to help you draw up complete baseline reports.

How DGE can help:

Anyone running, or applying to run an industrial activity covered by The Industrial Emissions Directive must draw up a baseline report including:

  • Any contamination in the soil or groundwater within the operating area.
  • How the operating area was being used when the baseline report was drawn up.
  • A historical account of how the area was used previously.
  • Soil and groundwater measurements which should show the conditions in the area.

In addition to a baseline report, the operations are also subject to periodic inspections. These inspections must be carried out regularly for both soil (every ten years) and groundwater (every five years).

DGE can help you to draw up complete baseline reports and we have extensive knowledge of the scope of the requirements set for these.

What you should consider:

When drawing up baseline reports, DGE requires information such as any historical investigations, geotechnical surveys, maps of pipes and information on chemicals management.

Daniel Hellqvist

Daniel has more than 10 years’ experience as an environmental consultant, primarily in issues relating to contaminated areas. He has extensive experience of both project management and fieldwork.