Environmental inspections for remediation

Have you experienced a leakage, do you have historical contamination that must be removed, or have you received an injunction imposing remediation? We can help you all the way from permit applications and tender information to final report.

How DGE can help:

We evaluate possible action based on the type of contamination, where it is located, the geology, timescale and financing. Measures and costs can be evaluated together with the risk assessment in a risk evaluation. Many investigations and measures require permits from authorities. We have in-depth knowledge of the legal requirements and are happy to help with notifications and permit applications. When responsibility issues are complicated, we collaborate with leading lawyers in this field.

Before the execution phase we can draw up technical information and administrative conditions, and we’re happy to help with procurements. We carry out environmental inspections for decontamination and remediation of contaminated areas to delimit decontamination measures, classify soils and document and follow up objectives. When the measures are complete and the objectives have been achieved we draw up a final report that you can use during a new property valuation.

What you should consider:

We require information on all previous investigations and surveys carried out on the property, any injunctions from regulatory authorities etc.

Daniel Hellqvist

Daniel has more than 10 years’ experience as an environmental consultant, primarily in issues relating to contaminated areas. He has extensive experience of both project management and fieldwork.