Periodic compliance inspections

The inspection is an indication of how well you are fulfilling requirements, for example according to your environmental permit, and how effective your self-inspections are. It also prepares you for future requirements, such as verification against the BAT conclusions and forthcoming legal changes.

How DGE can help:

Our inspectors are impartial and objective with broad and deep knowledge of most areas and industries. Our working methods are well-developed and structured, and are also well-known and accepted by the environmental inspection authorities.

Our inspection reports are easy to read and follow an established structure where any deviations or comments are clearly reported. But they also describe opportunities for improvement within self-inspection and highlight areas deserving of praise. Making a difference and adding customer value are our guiding principles!

What you should consider:

The inspection can be carried out as a comprehensive review of the business. It can also be individually adapted in consultation with the regulatory authority to be carried out on a specific focus area, such as waste management, specific processes in the business or simply geographically limited areas in a larger organisation.

As a customer all you do is send over the requested information, convene the people you want at the inspection… and we handle the rest!