Specialist investigations

Do you need a better understanding of your emissions to the air or water? Or gain an overview of your entire plant, the effect of process changes or to ensure you are fulfilling new conditions, requirements and BAT?

How DGE can help:

Air related services

  • Emission inventory (volatile organic substances, dust, odours, sulphur compounds, gas analysis)
  • Studies of measures for emissions to air
  • Training
  • Dispersion calculations according to AERMOD

Water related services

  • Surface water studies
  • Precipitation mapping
  • Studies of measures for emissions to water
  • Training

DGE has long, broad experience of several different treatment methods, types of treatment equipment and suppliers. We can help you identify and evaluate the best possible treatment technique. During the evaluation of appropriate treatment techniques, we focus in particular on:

  • Reliability/availability
  • Investment cost
  • Operating economy
  • Access to service and maintenance
  • Assessment of references, operating experience

Via our laboratory (Kemanalys), we can also help you carry out pilot trials of different water treatment methods.

What you should consider:

Do you have the right information (flows, substance levels and variations etc.) for designing optimal treatment equipment?


Johan Mars

Johan has 30 years’ experience of environmental work, primarily regarding emissions to air and appropriate treatment techniques. In particular, he is an expert when it comes to VOC emissions.