Thank you to all participants at Inogen WorldView 2018!

We want to thank all speakers and participants at Inogen WorldView 2018 in Malmö, a full day focused on sustainable business practices.

The inspiring speakers were Connie Hedegaard (Chairman, Former EU Commissioner (Climate) and Minister of Denmark), Flemming Besenbacher (Professor at Aarhus University, Chairman of the Carlsberg Foundation), Göran Brohammer (Extracon), Pierre Lennartsson (QE & CSR Manager, Lekolar), Christian Jølck (Director for Marketing and Communications, ROCKWOOL Nordics), Maja Jakobsson (Sustainable Product and Business Development, Miljögiraff).

We hope you left the event filled with optimism for the future, energy, ideas and new partners! Just like we did.


Connie Hedegaard. ”To get on the road to the future we need long term targets, pricing externalities, smart regulations and sector cooperation.” (Photo Mats Sigfridsson)


Nan Kjellberg, DGE. Facilitator of the day. (Photo Mats Sigfridsson)